January 6th, One Year Later

Last year, on this day, I was paying attention to the counting of electoral votes, partially because I am a bit of a politics junkie, but mostly because of the $hit that had been happening with Trump’s utter lies about the election being stolen. I knew something was gonna happen. And it did.

After it started going down at the Capitol, the roommates and I ordered pizza and ice cream – what else should one dine on when witnessing the attempted destruction of one’s government? It reminded me of a simpler time, during the civil war, when citizens went out to watch the first battle of Bull Run and had picnics. Except now, the violence of the insurrection is in 4K UHD and the sound bar really makes it feel like you’re there, surrounded by MAGA idiots as they beat police officers with American flags and fire extinguishers. The technology revolution is really something as it brings the insurrection to your living room while Door Dash is delivering the picnic. All we had to do was watch, like the good passive consumers we’ve become, as our democracy slowly unwinds and falls apart. 

Now, it’s a year on and where are we? Tantalizing morsels of possible charges are starting to emerge. Watergate took 2 years to get to this point, so have we improved upon the whole holding the leaders accountable thing or not? Darth Cheney is lamenting the loss of ‘his’ republican party, conveniently forgetting his endorsements and support of the guy who convinced his followers to storm the Capitol. We’re seeing the right wing media machines turn on themselves, which is a sight to behold, while at the same time record numbers of fools are repeating the lies that got us here. 

Don’t know how many of you saw it, but a few days ago the Toronto Globe and Mail published an editorial that urged the political leaders of all 5 of their major parties to form a committee to monitor the United States political situation and prepare the Dominion of Canada for the fall of the United States government. I’m thinking Door Dash could run a downfall delivery special, 2 for 1 pizza and ice cream. They’d probably make a killing.