Tech Rant – Why Such Narrow Scrollbars?

In so many apps and websites now, the push towards eliminating interface elements is gaining steam and getting worse. It’s becoming increasingly harder for someone like myself to use certain apps or websites because of the push towards an all touch based interface. I started using PhotoShop 1, and did a lot of computer graphics work for a long time. The motion of clicking a mouse button, or clicking and holding while painting, gave me a type of pain that shoots from the tip of my finger all the way up into my shoulder. Switching to a pen and tablet fixed that, it’s a much more natural way for me to work. Now, with super small, or nonexistent, scrollbars, it becomes nearly impossible for me to scroll through certain apps or websites. I’ve never understood the idea that interface elements should disappear – how are you supposed to know that the page has more to it if there isn’t some sort of visual indicator? Are UI/UX designers really thinking that people are just going to wildly click around the page until they find something that responds? Even beyond that, why take away an easily understood and easy to use way of interacting with the computer and replace it with something that doesn’t work unless you use a specific peripheral? Not everyone can use a touch enabled device or an interface that is only touch enabled. Some folks are going to need peripherals that can point to elements on the screen. These design decisions are taking the ability to work with computers away from certain folks