Is Trump faking us all out?

Lots of folks are speculating that Trump is faking us out with this corona virus diagnosis. They cite how the WH is one big lie machine (alternative facts, dontcha know) and the speculation is he can claim a miracle drug has saved him, and then ride that into victory.

Maybe, but highly highly doubtful IMNSHO.

POTUS lives in the world’s most protective bubble, admitting that he got the virus makes no strategic sense because it means his government failed to keep him safe. Failure is never a good look.

He interacted with donors and now they are PISSED. You can’t anger the people who give you money. 

Other republicans are now being reported as corona +, namely 2 republicans on the judiciary committee. They need them for the ACB hearings. If this was a hoax, there wouldn’t be other people getting sick if they are needed for that. Plus, there’s bunch of WH reporters and staffers who are also being reported as corona + (9 as I write this).

And, my biggest reason why this is not a hoax – it completely undercuts his campaign message about having managed the pandemic well. Why would you vote for the guy who said it was a hoax, inject bleach, it’s going away, it affects almost nobody, and then he comes down with it himself? It contradicts ALL of his messaging from the moment this virus appeared. 

No, I would expect them to cover up a + result long before they’d try to fake one.